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Everyone should do yoga, including athletes. In fact, many of the world’s best professional athletes do practice yoga regularly. Yoga is more than stretching and deep breathing – it can improve many aspects of your mental and physical well-being. Here are five reasons all athletes should give it a try.

1). Improved strength.

Dumbbells are great, but yoga works out muscles in your body that free weights can’t touch. Athletes also have a tendency to over train certain parts of their body, leading to muscular imbalances. Yoga can help correct these in addition to building a strong, sturdy core.

2). Muscle flexibility.

Too much attention gets paid to muscle size and strength, and too little gets paid to flexibility. Yoga can help you become more flexible, leading to all kinds of benefits on and off of the field. Not only can improved flexibility reduce your risk of injury, it can also make you more powerful due to a wider range of motion and greater muscle recruitment.

3). Injury prevention and recovery.

More flexibility translates into less injuries. Tight muscles pull at the ligaments and joints in your body, putting you at a greater risk to get hurt. If you do get injured, yoga can also help with the long-term recovery process. Even doing it after a healthy training session can help your body recover from that workout by elongating the muscles you spent so long contracting.

4). Mental benefits.

Yoga is 50% mind and 50% body. Some people practice yoga just for the mental benefits – the physical ones are just a bonus. Yoga improves mind-muscle connection, helping you get a better feel for your body. It has also been proven to improve focus and relieve stress.

5). Better performance.

What do you get when you combine all of these benefits? Improved performance in your sport! The improved strength, balance, and flexibility translates directly to any sport, helping you be the best athlete you can be.

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