Shooters and Goalies Girls Lacrosse Clinic


Goalie and Shooters Girls Lacrosse Clinic is open to girls grade 5-12.  The girls will be separated by grade on various pods for skill work.  Each session will start with specific small group goalie instruction focusing on hand eye speed and footwork.  The last hour will incorporate shooters with the goalies as shooters work on their technique.  For example, one week shooters may focus on power technique vs. the appropriate time to place the ball with more finesse.   Nor’easter coach and local college coach Maureen Spellman will direct these four sessions. 

Each session will be an hour for shooters and ninety minutes for goalies, cost is $150 and $225 respectively. 

Mondays, 6-7:30pm, 11/26/18-12/17/18