Beginning this weekend, children in grades 1-6 will take the field to
participate in a unique experience that only Insports can provide.
Teams of five members each will compete in the fast-paced,
high-scoring flag football frenzy known as our Youth Passing League.

Led by
Steve Christy, Insports Passing League provides an up-tempo game of
flag football with nonstop movement and one goal – score, score,
and score some more! Five children from each team are allowed on the
field at once, with an Insports employee or High School athlete as
their quarterback to ensure each child gets as many touches as
possible. The game is played in two 20-minute halves – each team
gets a 10-minute offensive and 10-minute defensive period per half
with unlimited scoring.
Insports Passing League will have three divisions: 1st &
2nd grade, 3rd & 4th grade, and
5th & 6th grade. Each team must have at
least seven players on their rosters, with a maximum number of ten.
Children can register with a group of friends or classmates, or by
themselves as a free agent and be assigned to a team. The cost is
$120 (member) or $155 (non-member) per child.
more information about the Insports Passing League – including
links to rosters, rules, and schedules – please click here.