3 Exercises to Improve Bat Swing Speed


  After good hand-eye coordination, a powerful swing is a batter’s best friend… and a pitcher’s worst nightmare. If you are looking to add distance to your hits, you need to add speed to your swing. These three exercises can help you do just that: For your legs: Barbell Squats Your swing starts in the legs. Strengthening your legs will help you generate more power from the beginning of your swing. There is no better lower body strength-building exercise than the classic barbell squat. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, take a deep breath, and descend until your [...]

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5 Exercises Every Baseball Player Should Be Doing


Photo courtesy of Stack.com Bench press, barbell squat, bicep curls – these are all common weight room exercises which baseball players should not be doing this spring. While these lifts are all great for putting on big, bulky muscle, baseball players should be focusing on exercises which build functional strength and explosiveness. Not only is it essential to develop functional strength, but it is important to correct the muscular imbalances naturally caused by the sport. You are always swinging a bat from the same side, planting on the same foot, and throwing with the same arm. Over time, this can lead [...]

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