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5 Reasons Why All Athletes Should Be Stretching


There's a reason that every sports team at every level begins their practices with team stretching. It's because it offers several benefits to athletes – regardless of age, sport, or skill level. Here are just a few benefits that stretching can offer: Increased Range of Motion First and foremost, stretching regularly improves flexibility and range of motion in the joints – both in the short- and long-term. This is good for everybody, whether you are an athlete or not. Improves Energy Levels Feeling lethargic? A quick stretch can get the blood flowing through your body, resulting in improved oxygen delivery to [...]

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Benefits of Stretching


For anyone who has played organized team sports, the beginning of practice was always the same. A few team laps, then right to the stretching. No matter if you play football, soccer, basketball, or anything else, practices always start with a stretching session. Why? I mean, if every coach from little league to the professionals incorporates stretching in their practices, it's got to be beneficial, right? The truth is, stretching provides a variety of benefits; both on the field and off. Some of the advantages of stretching include: Enhanced range of motion. Even if you don't play sports, keeping a daily [...]

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