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Ten Tips for a First-Time Youth Sports Coach


Coaching a local youth sports team can be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences you will ever encounter, but it isn’t easy. Here are ten tips to help ease the load on first-time coaches:   Safety first. The safety of your athletes should always be your top priority. Teach them the importance of protective equipment, proper playing technique, hydration, and warming up before physical activity.  Be patient. Remember that you are coaching children. This isn’t the big leagues, and mistakes are going to be made. All you can do is not get frustrated by these mistakes, and use them as [...]

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5 Tips for Coaching Youth Sports


Playing sports is one of the best things a kid can do. In addition to being introduced to a physically active lifestyle, studies have proven that children who participate in sports tend to have more academic success and a healthier social life. Many benefits can be attained by playing youth sports, but much of the experience is reliant on the coach. If you coach youth sports, use these five tips to help your players get the most out of their involvement. 1. Fundamentals and Safety First As a youth sports coach, it is important to teach your players the fundamentals of [...]

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