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Why You Should Have Your Child's Birthday Party at Insports


Birthday parties are one of the highlights of your kid's childhood. A birthday party spent at Insports is a memory that your child will keep forever. With food, sports, friends, and a whole lot of fun, their special day is sure to be a blast for everyone in attendance. As parents, you get all of the satisfaction of a happy child with none of the worries or hassles associated with planning an awesome party. We will do the work for you so you are free to sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself. Insports has the planning process covered from start to [...]

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Nike SPARQ Is Coming To Insports!


Measure your speed, power, agility, reaction, and quickness (SPARQ) by participating in 5 drills and tests: Body weight, 40- yard dash, shuttle run, vertical jump, and power ball toss. SPARQ is slightly tailored to each specific sport but are also available for general athleticism. Enroll your high school team or come solo! SPARQ rating gives each athlete an on-the-spot athletic assessment and helps to identify target areas of improvement in the offseason. The testing results can also be sent to college coaches for recruiting purposes! The SPARQ test is slightly tailored to each specific sport. Currently, the test is available for [...]

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Improve Your LAX Game: Casey Powell Academy Camp!


Does your son have a passion for lacrosse? The popularity of the sport has grown immensely. A player must put in extra time and hard work to stand out from the crowd. Insports Centers is offering 15 hours of training with Casey Powell, the most prolific scorer in lacrosse history! The Casey Powell Academy Camp is designed to impart solid game fundamentals and traditions to all players. We seek to build a player's character in addition to their lacrosse skills. Take a look at the coaching staff and find out more information about the camp below: Director Casey Powell   Admin [...]

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Insports Centers Reviews


Insports Centers is a great place to get your child involved in athletics. To see more information on our camps, or if you're interest in registering, visit our website! Don't forget, we're now live on social media! Connecting with us has never been easier.  Like us on Facebook, FOLLOW us on Twitter, and connect with us on Google+ to stay up to date on the latest Trumbull community news and future Insports events. Find out what people are saying about Insports Centers on social media! Check out the following reviews: Jeff MrD'usse Baez "Had my son Football Birthday party here, Great place [...]

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Insports Youth & Adult Programs


Insports Centers offers a variety of programs for both youths and adults. Our Wildcat Program provides an introduction to sports and activities for children in preschool through kindergarten. Each group is broken up by age division. Jaguars- Ages 2-3 Cheetahs- Ages 3-4 Tigers- Ages 4-5 Lions- Ages 5-6 For a list of Wildcat programs available, please click here. Insports Champion Program focusses on skill developing for elementary, middle, and high school aged children. Age divisions are as follows: Minors- Grades 1-2 Majors- Grades 3-4 Pros- Grades 5-6 For a list of Champion programs available, click here. Membership is required to participate [...]

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Insports Centers New Youth Programs: Champions Grades 1-6


Insports Centers is pleased to announce the addition of three new youth programs. Today, we are putting the Champions, Grades 1-6, in the spotlight. Check out the following to learn more about the various sessions offered. All Stars Minors, Majors (Baseball) Insports Centers provides the only indoor lined baseball field in the area. Each week, our instructors will emphasize developing individual skills, such as hitting, fielding, and throwing. Every class ends with baseball game action. To register, click here. Soccer Stars- Minors, Majors, Pros (Soccer) This session is the perfect way to stay in soccer shape all year long. Your child will [...]

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