know the importance of good nutrition. There is a nearly-unlimited
number of benefits of having a well-balanced diet, such as improved
energy, immune system, and overall health. Here are the ten best
foods that an athlete can eat.
It’s no
surprise that chicken sits atop this list. Just 4 oz. of a boneless,
skinless chicken breast contains more than 20 grams of
muscle-building protein. Chicken is also extremely lean – that same
4 oz. breast is only 120 calories and contains a mere 2 grams of fat.
Americans are mineral-deficient in their diets, and much of it can be
attributed to a lack of vegetables. As a general rule, the darker the
vegetable, the better it is for you. Dark, leafy greens such as
spinach, kale, and broccoli offer high levels of minerals,
antioxidants, and fiber.
Nuts & Nut Butters
only are nuts and nut butters delicious, they are great for your
body. Almonds and peanuts contain a mixture of healthy fats and
protein, plus they are super convenient to eat on the go. Nuts are a
staple in the diet of athlete’s wishing to gain weight because of the
caloric density that they possess.
fruits could make this list, but the potassium levels of bananas help
separate this thick-skinned yellow fruit from the rest. Potassium is
especially important in athletes to prevent cramping and regulate the
body’s water levels. Bananas are also a great source of vitamin B6
and are prepackaged in a biodegradable wrapper.
is a great source of carbohydrates, which get broken down by the body
and stored for long-term energy. Opt for whole grain pastas, as they
contain more fiber and less sugar than white pasta does. Eating a
large pasta dinner the night before a game is a great way to give
your body the extra energy it needs.
Milk is
a super-drink in the eyes of athletes. In addition to high calcium
levels, which helps develop strong bones, milk contains a healthy
balance of protein and carbohydrates that make it a perfect
post-workout recovery drink. Add a scoop of whey protein for added
only is salmon a rich source of protein, it is loaded with omega-3
fatty acids, which help regulate body fat and reduce the risk for
heart disease. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to help you
recover from a tough workout faster.
Sweet Potatoes
orange, starchy vegetable is crammed with all sorts of nutrients,
including vitamins A & C. An average sweet potato contains about
25 grams of carbohydrates, making it a great source of energy too.
is no better breakfast for an athlete than some good old-fashioned
eggs. One large egg can have up to 6 grams of protein, plus 5 grams
of healthy fats. Remove the yolk and you’ll have a virtually fat-free
source of protein.
Olive Oil
though a teaspoon of olive oil can contain more than 100 calories
(all from fat), it is a healthy option as a salad dressing or pasta
sauce. The monounsaturated fat content found in olive oil reaps many
benefits, including improved cholesterol levels and reduced risk of
heart attack and stroke.
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