As a
parent, one of your infinite jobs is to support your child in
virtually everything they do. If they happen to be an athlete, you
should try to make your kid’s sporting experience the best that it
can possibly be. This is already a 24/7 job, but on the day of a game
it is more important than ever to do anything you can to help. Here
are the five best things you can do for your child on game day:

Make sure your child is
well-rested, well-fed, and well-hydrated.
order for your son or daughter to perform at their absolute best, it
is essential that they have adequate rest, hydration, and fuel.
Doctor’s recommend 8-9 hours of sleep every night, and this
number becomes even more important on the night before a game. Proper
food to fuel their performance starts before game day. The night
before their game, make them a pasta (or other carb-heavy food)
dinner because carbohydrates are digested slowly and provide
long-term energy for athletes. Having enough water on game day is
important for their performance as well as their health –
dehydration can lead to fatigue, headaches, and dizziness.
Attend their game and
cheer them on.
best way a parent can support their child’s athletic endeavors is to
not only attend their games, but to support them from the bleachers
as well. Attend every game that you possibly can, whether it is home
or away. Seeing your face in the stands will go a long way in showing
your support. Take it a step further by being an active member of the
crowd and enthusiastically cheering on your child and their teammates
(just try not to be the embarrassing parent that is always too
Save pre-game pep talks
for the coaches.
hours leading up to the game can be a stressful time for your child,
and reminding them of their assignments or talking about the game
plan usually only adds to this stress. If you are talking to your kid
about their upcoming game, stick to the aspects of fun, competition,
and sportsmanship – leave strategy and tactics to the coaches.
Arrive early to games.
If you
are bringing your kid to their game, it is important to arrive early.
Most coaches require that players be there an hour or more in advance
to review the game plan, stretch out, and warm up. Besides that,
arriving early allows the athletes to relax, socialize, and organize
their thoughts before their match starts. On the other hand, running
late can only add to the frustration and stress that they are already
Avoid post-game
Especially after a loss
and especially especially on the car ride home.
athletes fear the ride home with their parents for this exact reason.
After a loss, this is a time where emotions, disappointment, and
exhaustion are high and John O’Sullivan says, “there could not be a
less teachable moment in your child’s sporting life than the ride
home.” If you have something to say about the game, wait until the
next day.
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