Ways to help you save money:

Loyalty Discount Program

The more weeks you sign up for, the more money you save with our Loyalty Discount Program.  This means you’ll pay the regular price for your first week of camp, but by the time you attend your second, you’ll start benefitting from the discount!  Each additional week of camp you sign up for you will save 10%!

Early Bird Discount

Save money and secure a spot by registering early!  Register on or before March 31st for a FULL WEEK of any camp (FULL WEEK = Monday thru Friday of the same week) in order to qualify for our Early Bird Discount, which will entitle you to receive a discount of 10%, per week.

Sibling Discount

Looking to sign up more than one child? Receive $35.00 off each additional child who signs up for a week of summer camp. The more kids you sign up the more money you save!

**Limited to members of the same household** Discounts limited to three children