Centers offers a variety of youth programs which cater to all age
groups and sports. Children as young as two years old can enroll in
our instructional programs for sports such as soccer, basketball,
baseball, lacrosse, football, and more. Some of the things your child
will learn in our youth programs are:

Motor Skill Development
pint-sized players program is available to children as young as two
years old. For kids at this age, our programs are a great way to
develop their motor skills. Basic instruction and drills in our
classes will help improve their coordination, balance, and perceptual
Social Skills
will learn things in our youth instruction programs which can be
taken off the field and translated into their everyday lives –
especially in the classroom. Interacting with other children will
help them develop their communication and social skills. They will
also learn the virtues of sharing and taking turns.
makes the dream work, as the adage goes. One of the most important
components of any sport is teamwork. When a team does not work
cohesively, no matter how talented they are, they usually will not
win. Teamwork is also a valuable skill to have in life, especially in
the classroom and the workforce. That is why all of our youth
instruction programs put a special emphasis on it.
Sports Skills
will also learn skills specific to the sport class they attend.
Whether it is dribbling a soccer ball, shooting a basketball, or
catching a pop fly, the youth instruction programs at Insports
Centers are sure to develop your child into a polished athlete. Some
programs, such as our Small Sports (ages 4-6) classes, expose
children to a different sport each session, so they will become a
well-rounded athlete all while having fun.
Centers is home to Connecticut’s largest indoor turf field and hosts
a variety of youth and adult leagues. No matter what your sport of
choice is, we have something that you will enjoy. You can learn more
about our facilities and programs by visiting our website or
connecting with us on social media – we are active on both Facebook
and Twitter.