When Is It Time To Replace Your Running Shoes?

As a runner, your most important tools are your shoes. Just like the tires on your car, however, there will come a time when they need to be replaced. But when is that?

Well, the answer is different for every runner, but here are some signs that yours are ready to be retired:

The rule of thumb. The general consensus is that you should replace your running shoes after every 300-500 miles. This number can vary depending on your body’s biomechanics and the surface that you run on (grass, dirt, or asphalt), but it is a good general guideline to follow.

The press test. The main reason to replace your running shoes is because the midsoles wear down, failing to provide proper cushioning and reduce impact when your feet hit the ground. To test this, put one hand in your shoe, and press on the sole with the other hand. If you can feel your fingers pressing through, your shoes are worn and you need a new pair.

Looks are everything. Sometimes, you can tell that you need a new pair of running shoes just by looking at them. Don’t worry about how dirty they are, this doesn’t matter. Instead focus on the structure. Look for signs of wear such as stretched heels, worn soles, and rips and tears.

Listen to your body. If there is little-to-no cushioning in your shoes, your body will certainly feel the consequences. If your feet, knees, or hips are becoming more and more sore after your daily runs, a new pair of shoes will do you some justice.

Not everybody has $100 lying around to buy a new pair of shoes, so here’s a few tricks you can use to make yours last longer:

Run on grass or dirt roads instead of asphalt.
Rotate through two or three different pairs of shoes.
Use them strictly for exercise. Those casual walks around town will take their toll on your running shoes.

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