Craving a sweet carbonated beverage? Reach for the diet version – after
all, it has all of the taste and none of the calories. With 0 cals
and 0 sugar, it is the much healthier option, right? Well, maybe not.
A plethora of studies have been conducted over the last decade or so
that show that diet soda is far from healthy, and it is even worse
than regular soda in some regards. With new research being released
seemingly every day, here is what we do know about diet soda so far:
  • It is associated with type-2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Just
    one can of diet soda per day is enough to significantly increase
    your risk for various health problems.
  • Those who drink diet soda are at a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes. A
    nine-year study from the University of Miami found that participants
    who drank diet soda were 48% more likely to have a heart attack or
    stroke than those who rarely drank soda.
  • Artificial sweeteners mess with your body’s responses. The
    sugary substitutes used in diet drinks can interfere with our
    stomach’s bacteria, slow our metabolism, and cause us to crave more
  • It doesn’t help you lose fat or body weight. In
    fact, diet soda can actually contribute to weight gain by tricking
    our metabolism into producing insulin, the fat storage hormone.
  • It can contribute to osteoporosis. More
    than one study has shown that women who regularly drank diet soda
    had lower bone density in their hips and were more likely to
    experience fractures.
More information about diet soda and its negative effects on your
health can be found in this infographic from Medical Daily.
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