officially summer, and people everywhere will be packing their bags
this season and heading all over the world for an enjoyable getaway
and some fun in the sun. For some of us, vacation is a time to leave
everything behind and completely relax, but some of us can’t go a day
without training. Even though you won’t have access to a gym, there
is no reason why you can’t get in a good workout.

If you
are looking to break a sweat on your next vacation, try these three
workouts – no equipment required. 
Workout One: Bodyweight
workout is not only highly customizable, it allows you to hit a wide
range of muscles in a very short time. Pick four exercises, a rep
scheme, a time limit, and get going!
  • 20
    Jumping Lunges
  • 20
    Push Ups
  • 25
    Sit Ups
  • 5
    Pull Ups
for 20 minutes with rest as needed.
Workout Two: Tabata
have probably heard the word “tabata” before, but might still be
unsure of what it is. Using this technique, you can get a good, high
intensity workout in just four minutes. Pick an exercise, do it for
20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat for a total of 8 rounds.
Add an additional exercise or 2 to hit different muscles!
  • Bodyweight
    Squats, 20 seconds
  • Rest,
    10 seconds
  • Repeat
    for 8 rounds
  • Bicycle
    Kicks, 20 seconds
  • Rest,
    10 seconds
  • Repeat
    for 8 rounds
  • Push
    Ups, 20 seconds
  • Rest,
    10 seconds
  • Repeat
    for 8 rounds
Workout Three: Cardio &
in the world is an opportunity to workout as long as you have a pair
of running shoes. Lace them up, turn on your iPod, and go wherever
your feet carry you – just make sure not to get lost. When you’re
done running, perform a quick core circuit while your heart rate is
still high.
  • Cardio,
    user choice
  • Sit
    Ups, 25 reps
  • Front
    Plank, 30 seconds
  • Side
    Plank, 20 seconds per side
  • Leg
    Lifts, 20 reps
  • Glute
    Bridge, 15 reps
  • Repeat
    Core Circuit for 3 Rounds
All of
these workouts can be adapted or customized to meet your individual
needs and preferences. If you are interested in getting the best
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