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Insports has two little league baseball/softball lined, sand-colored, brand new MOMENTUM 41 artificial turf fields. To prohibit interference between the two fields, our divider curtain separates the two fields. Dimensions of each field are 175′ RF, 235′ CF, 165′ LF with 46′ ceilings. BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL CLEATS ARE ENCOURAGED! Above the fields are brand new LED lights. Contact Insports for rental options for your baseball group, softball group, or school.


The Sports Academy Group is proud to bring it’s year-round instructional & development baseball program to Insports.  We promote an inclusive, fun, and positive learning experience for all ballplayers, ages 2-92, and we are thrilled to incorporate Teamwork, Discipline, Communication, Confidence, and Sportsmanship inside of our Fairfield County program. 

Rookie Ball Instructional League

This league features a Fall and Spring season designed to introduce the basic rules of the game and teach new skills for the young ballplayer up to the aspiring All-Star.  Our 90min session is broken down into a 30min practice followed by a 60min Coach-Pitched instructional game, all held within the beautiful confines of the Insports field house.

Ages: 4-7

Cost: Fall: $345, Spring: $360

In-Season Pitchers & Catchers Program

This program provides extra position-specific instruction for players already playing Fall or Spring baseball (for their local little league or travel team) who would like to engage in more quality and complementary instruction, time perhaps not afford to them, individually, during the season.  Pitchers will sharpen their mechanics and overall approach to hitters.  Catches will refine their receiving skills as well as work to become more athletic behind the plate.  **Note: This program is extremely limited in registration due to the quality of coaching these players will receive.**

Ages: 10-12, 13-16

Cost: Fall: $810, Spring: $900

Winter Training Program

This program is an explosive thirteen week, high intensity pre-season training program, designed to shake the rust off and bring mid-season form to all who participate. Our sessions will begin with a focus on strength and conditioning (to build a solid foundation) and culminate with position-specific and dynamic drill sets geared to improve hand-eye coordination and transfer speeds.  Players of all positions are welcome.

Ages: 8-12, 13-15

Cost: $910

Winterball Ages 4-5 & 6-7

Our Winterball Instructional Program (Ages 4-5 & 6-7) features a thirteen week Winter season designed to introduce the basic rules of the game adn teach new skills for the young ballplayer up to the aspiring All-Star.  Our Professional Coaching Staff will lead high-energy session teaching the basic fundamentals of the game, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and overall concentration.

Ages: 4-5, 6 & 7

Cost: $325

Dates: January 11th-April 4th


Pitcher’s Prehabilitation & Core Performance Program

This program is designed for the more advanced and physically mature student-athlete.  Our twelve week winter / pre-season training session is designed to provide a solid functional base of core strength in order to prepare pitchers for the spring and summer seasons ahead of them. An emphasis will be placed on proper stretching, resistance (band) training, weighted ball work and overall pitching philosophy and approach to hitters.  Supervised & intensive bullpen sessions will also come as time winds closer to the season.

Ages: 10-16

Cost: $540